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Physical Therapist - Manistee Physical Therapy

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Manistee
Status (FT/PT): Full-Time
Shift: Day shift
Req ID: 55162




Under general supervision, develops and implements individual physical therapy programs designed to a) improve and maximize patient mobility and independent functioning within their physical limitations/disabilities and b) increase strength and/or movements and decrease pain.


  1. Completion of a Baccalaureate degree in Physical Therapy.
  2. Three to six months of experience in order to a) acquire and learn to apply an understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and physics necessary to assess patient condition and develop treatment plans, b) develop proficiency in the performance of various treatment modalities, c) develop suitable interpersonal skills and d) become familiar with departmental policy, procedures, and equipment.
  3. Licensure to practice physical therapy by the State of Michigan.
  4. BLS Certification
  5. Analytical ability as well as visual, hearing and sensory touch acuity necessary to assess patients' condition, developmental needs, progress and utilize professional judgment in providing care to patients of all age populations (i.e. peds, geriatric, adolescent and adult), including design of treatment plans and making appropriate alterations to treatment plans.
  6. Interpersonal ability necessary to effectively interact with patients in sensitive or anxiety Provoking situations explaining treatment purpose and procedure, function and purpose of equipment, and so forth. Ability to instruct patients and Physical Therapy Employees and interact with allied health personnel.
  7. Please check the appropriate health and safety requirements:

                  _____Exposure to blood and/or body fluids

                  _____Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals or Pharmaceuticals

                  __X__Repetitive bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 25 lbs to equivalent of employee's weight

                  _____Minimal bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 0-25 lbs

                  _____Moderate bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 10-25 lbs

                  __X__Continual standing

                  _____Continual sitting

                  __X__Sporadic keyboarding, sitting, and standing

                  _____Utilization of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns, boots, etc)

                  _____Continual keyboarding

            Please check the appropriate age specific competencies:

            __X__Prenatal & Perinatal (0-2)         __X__Middle-Aged Adult (29-53)

            __X__Young Child (2-8)                     __X__Geriatric (54-74)

            __X__Adolescent (9-15)                     __X__Frail Adult (75+)

            __X__Adult (16-28)                            _____Not applicable, no clinical contact


  1. Evaluates patient's functional abilities/disabilities, range of motion, strength, coordination, etc., through assessment and testing procedures. Establishes functional baseline to be used throughout treatment as a gauge of progress and physical improvements. Reviews patient's charts and interviews patient's family as necessary to determine patient’s medical and social history, present treatments, current condition and prognosis to assist in formulating a plan of treatment.
  2. Utilizing professional judgment, expertise and in accordance with patient's assessment and physician's prescription, establishes an individual therapy plan which specifies a) treatment goals and b) the treatment modalities that will assist the patient to regain function, increase strength, increase coordination, promote developmental changes and decrease pain; modifies treatment plans in accordance with patient's response and condition changes.
  3. Implements established treatment plans. Performs hands-on physical therapy such as specialized exercise programs, neuromuscular re-education and mobilization programs, and gait training.  Performs electrical, mechanical, and heat treatments (i.e., diathermy, ultrasound, hot pack application, whirlpool, electrical stimulation, traction and so forth).
  4. Establishes an effective rapport with patients; interacts with them in a considerate and supportive manner. Responds to questions patiently and provides explanations which will serve to allay fears regarding equipment and treatments.
  5. Assigns work to and supervises treatments provided by Physical Therapy Aides/Assistants ensuring that they are performed safely, correctly and according to instruction. May assign work to and supervise volunteers.
  6. Discusses treatment plans and patient progress with physicians and superior; recommends alterations to the treatment plan when considered advantageous to therapy purpose.  Consults with other members of the health care team for effective patient treatment, discharge planning and home care.
  7. Confers with patients and families regarding discharge planning, i.e. regimen of home treatment, patient's level of physical independence, nature and amount of care needed and other details of required care.
  8. Documents patient's treatments and progress in clinical charts; indicates condition in relationship to established goals and alterations to treatment plan devised to enhance therapy potential.
  9. Participates in or conducts orientation and in-service training for Physical Therapy Employees, students, volunteers and other hospital employees.
  10. Transports patients to and from therapy areas as necessary; cleans and prepares patient therapy areas (i.e., may occasionally perform aides/assistants duties when they are unavailable).
  11. Remains abreast of developments in the Physical Therapy field and incorporates approved developments into departmental services when practicable. Maintains professional skills through participation in appropriate education/development activities and review of Professional literature.
  12. Performs job responsibilities in an ethical, compliant manner consistent with the organization's values and the Hospital's Corporate Compliance program, policies, procedures and Protocols.
  13. Applies PI concepts and methods throughout related activities.
  14. Performs other related duties as requested.
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