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Exercise Physiologist - Cardiac Diagnostic Suite

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Traverse City
Status (FT/PT): Full-Time
Shift: Day/PM/Rotate
Req ID: 55823



  • Bachelor of Science Degree form accredited college or University, with major in Exercise Science/ or similar program required. 
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certification preferred (not required).
  • Current BCLS certification.
  • Current ACLS certification. (This certification preferred, must be obtained within 90 days upon employment.)
  • Completion of approved ECG interpretation course successfully or it may be challenged to meet competency through staff development.
  • 1 year of prior exercise testing experience in Cardiac Diagnostic type lab preferred.  Will consider experience in Cardiac Rehab program administering stress testing.

Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills.

This position requires the need to cover all shifts, holidays and to include weekends as needed by scheduling team. Also, dictated by the hours of operation of Cardiac Diagnostic Suite.

Must be proficient in the following procedure:

  1. Adult 12 lead EKG
  2. Pediatric 12 lead EKG
  3. Neonatal 12 lead EKG
  4. Holter Monitor set up
  5. Holter Monitor Scans (Based on need)
  6. Treadmill Exercise Testing
  7. Cardiolite Exercise Testing
  8. Signal Average EKG
  9. Stress Echo/Dobutamine stress testing
  10. Ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring
  11. Event recording placement
  12. Lexiscan procedure

 The following general clerical and basic office skills may be required within three months of hire, they include:

 Computer skills are required for typing test results.

  1. Correct spelling and typing sentence structure of physician interpretation for electrocardiograms and all Noninvasive Cardiology clinical duties (copying, filing, and distribution of reports).


This position reports to the Clinical Coordinator or lead Exercise Physiologist who receives direction from the manager.  The manager is directly responsible to the Executive Director of the Heart and Vascular Service line.

There is no managerial responsibility with this position.  It will be necessary to supervise and teach electrocardiograms and other Cardiac Diagnostic testing procedures to other Cardiac Diagnostic staff, nursing students, new hires, and student interns and allied health students.

Works closely with other hospital staff such as:  Physicians, all Heart and Vascular Service Line staff, Medical Procedure Room Nurses, Students, and Nuclear Medicine department staff. 


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

      Neonatal (birth -1 mo)     Young adult (18 yr-25 yrs)

      Infant (1 mo-1 yr)     Adult (26 yrs-54 yrs)

      Early childhood (1yr-5yrs)     Sr. Adult (55 yrs-64 yrs)

      Late childhood (6 yrs-12 yrs)     Geriatric (65 yrs & above)

      Adolescence (13 yrs-17 yrs)   X   All ages (birth & above)

      No clinical contact with patients


Successfully complete the annual competency for stress testing (final written exam, ECG Rhythm Strips and 12-lead ECG interpretation via Healthstream. Maintain current BCLS, ACLS certification.


  1. Supports the mission statement of MMC:  Munson Healthcare and its partners work together to provide superior quality care and promote community health.  In partnership with physicians, we provide quality, compassionate, comprehensive and cost-effective services for the health of our patients and the communities we serve. 


  1. Embraces and supports the philosophy of Munson Medical Center:  We are committed to the name “Munson” meaning excellence.  We will provide services that meet our customers’ requirements every time.


  1. Follows all MMC policies regarding Universal Precautions, including Hand Hygiene.
  2. Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and safety techniques.  Plans actions to promote safety.  Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure.


  1. Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility.  Knows the physical requirements of the job and work within those guidelines.  Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques.  Plans actions to promote safety.  Reports and unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure. 


  1. Demonstrates knowledge of indications for various types of stress tests and methods of testing. 


  1. Follows GXT lab guidelines and procedures for patient assessment, preparation, ECG recordings, test performance, test endpoints and recovery monitoring.  Notifies the supervising physician of any abnormal pre-test conditions, abnormalities or concerns. See separate guidelines for terminating a stress test and contraindications to testing.  No stress testing of any kind will be run in the absence of the supervising physician being in the department and available.


  1. Effectively reports abnormal findings on any test performed to the attending physician.


  1. Performs resting 12 lead electrocardiograms in a uniform fashion with proper electrode placement.


  1. Will be able to administer Cardiolite stress testing with or without Physician, Nurse, Physician Assistant, Nuclear Medicine technologist or Nurse Practioner in attendance.  If the supervising physician is not in attendance, they must be in a designated area and immediately available in the Cardiac Diagnostic Suites. The Exercise Physiologist does not administer medication outside of oxygen and NTG with an immediate call to the supervising physician. 


  1. Performs ambulatory electrocardiograms and patient hook-ups according to department protocol.


  1. Applies Event recorders according to policy and procedure.


  1. Prepares Ambulatory blood pressure monitors according to procedure.


  1. Scans holter monitors and prepares report for physician interpretation (not all staff will be required to scan holters related to low volume to assure the highest competency, therefore not diluting the staff and affecting quality)


  1. Prepares and completes all necessary forms before and after testing for all procedures.


  1. Monitors and evaluates all tracings to include EKG’s, Holter monitors, Stress Exercise/Dobutamine, Cardiolite, Adenosine, Dobutamine Cardiolites, Lexiscan and Persantine studies to determine artifact and dysrhythmia and/or ST segment changes.


  1. May provide coverage and relief in Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation.  This would require understanding exercise prescription of the cardiac client and interpretation of a telemetry monitor, and provision of patient education as it pertains to exercise and healthy lifestyle.


  1. Initiates cardiopulmonary resuscitation on patients until the code blue team arrives.


  1. Must know the use/location of all cardiac drugs that might be used during any testing procedure in the case of an emergency.


  1. Hangs intravenous solution via intermittent lock and maintains it for stress exercise tests via department protocol.


  1. Prepares Baxa pumps per protocol.


  1. Prepares IV pumps and has knowledge on operation of pumps.


  1. Explains the procedure and teaches the patient what to do during the testing procedure.


  1. Cleans and restocks any supplies and equipment used during a testing procedure.


  1. Utilizes the patient information system for patient data gathering and charges.


  1. Is required to do transcription of stress tests, and holters from the templates.  Limited staff based on shift and primary responsibilities may require other typing of reports such at Pulmonary Function studies to assure competency and quality.


  1. Is responsible for maintaining patient charts and files in proper sequence according to department protocol.


  1. Takes orders, medication list and signed face sheets to the Secretaries for scanning into OTG.


  1. Performs miscellaneous clerical assignments, audits, projects and patient studies as directed by the Clinical Coordinator or the Department Manager.


  1. Checks crash cart in the treadmill lab daily and replaces as needed through Distribution and/or Pharmacy.


  1. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  1. All staff is involved in training of ECG staff outside of NIC.


  1. All staff will be involved in different aspects of training cardiac rehab students during their externship in Noninvasive Cardiology.  (Stress testing primarily will be under the supervision of the Exercise Physiologist).


  1. Demonstrates expertise in all Noninvasive Cardiology testing according to annual competencies and Healthstream completion. 


  1. Uses AIDET skill sets with every patient and provides the highest quality of care to every patient, providing them with privacy, respect and professionalism.


  1. Effectively participates in department meetings, works as teams to provide the highest of care to the patients we serve. 


  1. Performs all functions and activities with the highest level of professionalism, and maintains confidentiality.


  1. Will be expected to supervise the exercise specialist (CVT’s) in Cardiac Diagnostic Suite.


  1. Will be involved in annual discussion process as requested. 


Structural Heart Clinic (SHC) Access Assistant Position Summary


The SHC Access Assistant functions as a liaison and is often involved in early communications with SHC patients and the referring providers.

Assists the team with scheduling and with normal operation of the clinic

Coordinate with referring providers to have access to images and reports for the patients' most recent echocardiograms and cardiac catheterization.

We determine what studies are necessary and arrange for cardiothoracic surgery consultation,

Sets up the screening process to including: an initial consultation with a detailed discussion of treatment options.

Coordinate between outpatient testing and admission in our cardiac procedures unit to complete all necessary screening,

After evaluation of initial screening data and discussion of appropriate treatment with our structural heart team, we offer treatment options to the patients and their family members,

Maintains Clinic data base and TVT registry data,

Performs all secretarial functions (i.e." typing, filing, coordinating appointments, etc.); Answers telephones and greets visitors; Prepares reports and other materials for distribution; Attends meetings and prepares meeting agendas, minutes and correspondence; Prepares and coordinates projects, such as monthly expiration letters, monthly mailing to all medical staff members and the change notice that is distributed hospital-wide.

Shares in the Medical Center's vision, demonstrates its values, supports its philosophy and is sensitive to its mission; Demonstrates knowledge of and follows Departmental and Medical Center policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and Administrative Policies.

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